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Products live and die by their marketing, especially when it comes to promoting it during big events.

In this episode, Justin & Ross discuss the pre-launch tactics they used to make thousands of dollars, and the strategies that grew their brands over time, with special emphasis on hyper-promoting product updates within the WordPress community.

Some other examples include “platform” plugins (like Divi) and how to get the most out of the add-on model (like UncannyOwl).


Topics & Timestamps

  • 3:30 – Launching Project Panorama
  • 14:10 – Launching LearnDash
  • 21:23 – How Ross launched add-ons
  • 25:14 – Justin’s view of the add-on model
  • 32:10 – Successful point release strategy

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So many WordPress product companies and agencies get in their own way of success. In this episode, we discuss the biggest problems that we see WordPress businesses make, and how they can easily fix them to increase revenue & brand position.

In typical NoFilterFM fashion, there are no mysteries: the brands are mentioned by name, both the good and the (really) bad!


Topics & Timestamps

  • 4:05 – Blinded by the love
  • 7:04 – No one cares about frameworks
  • 12:45 – Ignoring code made money
  • 17:00 – Focus on the sexy
  • 18:30 – Hire a business cofounder
  • 24:45 – WP sales tone
  • 34:35 – Marketing instead of product quality

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How do you get your business to the next level? You hire talented people! Good in theory, but it's easier said than done.

In this NoFilterFM episode, Justin and Ross discuss their proven processes for finding, vetting, and hiring talent for your business. These are the same formulated processes that you can use in your business today! Also discussed are some hard lessons learned on hires gone wrong.

Grab your pen and paper, this episode is full of key takeaways that can help your business!

Topics & Timestamps

  • 2:42 – When to hire
  • 10:15 – Where Justin got his process
  • 17:30 – Where Justin posted jobs
  • 20:00 – Justin’s 5-Steps
  • 37:00 – How Ross finds developers
  • 40:05 – Method for finding devs
  • 43:35 – Job landing pages
  • 46:08 – When hiring goes wrong

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On January 25th, WordPress Full Site Editing (FSE) became available when the beta version was shipped in WordPress v5.9.

On the surface, no one can argue with the concept of FSE. Elementor’s meteoric rise, and the slew of other WordPress site builders available, act as evidence that this is what people want.

In this episode of NoFilterFM we discuss FSE from a business perspective, who it is for, if it was premature to include it in v5.9, and does it mean a shift in direction for WordPress as a platform.

Topics & Timestamps

9:45 – Why now for FSE?

17:20 – FSE experience on

26:20 – Is WP too opinionated?

34:11 – Practical way FSE can be used

43:21 – How Justin would implement FSE

45:25 – How Ross would implement FSE

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Well, here we go – welcome to NoFilterFM!

Episode 1 is officially in the books! A big thank you to those who showed up last Thursday to participate in the live discussion.

In this episode of NoFilterFM we talked about why NoFilterFM came into existence, and then shared small changes that were used to grow LearnDash and 3.7Designs to 7-figures in revenue, respectively.

Topics & Timestamps

1:15 – Why we started NoFilter

2:48 – Ross’ professional background

5:45 – Justin’s limited choice strategy

11:33 – Ross’ critical mindset shift

20:00 – Justin’s simple price change plan

30:51 – Ross’ secret to skyrocketing agency revenue

46:10 – Kyle Mauer asks for failure examples

51:44 – Dave Rodenbaugh shares SaaS pricing story

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Additional Speakers

Make sure to follow @NoFilterFM on Twitter to be notified of our next discussion, coming on February 10th when we discuss whether WordPress Full Site Editing is necessary, or if it’s an example of commercial interest of .com leaking into core.

See you at the next one!

You know what we hate? Creepy websites that show you ads after you visit them. You know, the ones that save all kinds of data on you so that they can try to sell you crap once you’re gone. Ugh.

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