▶️ Full Site Editing... Really?

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On January 25th, WordPress Full Site Editing (FSE) became available when the beta version was shipped in WordPress v5.9.

On the surface, no one can argue with the concept of FSE. Elementor’s meteoric rise, and the slew of other WordPress site builders available, act as evidence that this is what people want.

In this episode of NoFilterFM we discuss FSE from a business perspective, who it is for, if it was premature to include it in v5.9, and does it mean a shift in direction for WordPress as a platform.

Topics & Timestamps

9:45 – Why now for FSE?

17:20 – FSE experience on WP.com

26:20 – Is WP too opinionated?

34:11 – Practical way FSE can be used

43:21 – How Justin would implement FSE

45:25 – How Ross would implement FSE

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